Seed Propagation Material

  •  Research and Development of new varieties
  •  Seed production
  •  Industrial Seed Processing
  •  Development & marketing of vegetable seeds
  •  Design, supply and installation of seed cleaning & processing units


«The era of high-yield, certified seeds»

With the establishment of ΒIOS Agrosystems SA, the Group enters the field of propagating material, recognizing the enormous importance of high yielding seeds for the development of the agricultural economy of the country. BIOS is one of the first companies that has been and is systematically engaged in the research and development of new technologies to produce seeds of new varieties, suitable for the soil and climatic conditions of the region.
BIOS operates in Xanthi the leading unit of chemical delinting of cotton seed, with parallel facilities for sorting, cleaning, disinfection, germination control and packaging of varieties of cotton seed, wheat, barley, alfalfa, corn, rice, etc. and their quality control.
With state-of-the-art facilities, extensive know-how and in a soil and climate environment perfectly suitable for mass reproduction of plant propagating material, BIOS develops its own premium propagation material. Furthermore it cooperates with global market leaders who entrust BIOS with their genetic material for mass reproduction and marketing.
Large international companies, such as BASF, Bayer etc., entrust their integrated seed production activity to the Efthymiadis Group, because they trust the capabilities of its facilities, the quality and safety systems, the know-how and its values.
Along the production processes, the Efthymiadis Group through Bios commercially trades vegetable seeds of Seminis, De Ruiter and other world renowned companies, in order to meet the special requirements of Greek producers for seeds with high yields, adaptability to a wide range of cultivation conditions, resistance to enemies and diseases and mainly widely accepted in the Greek and International market of fresh products.
BIOS's activity in the field of production of propagating material (planting seeds) is completed by providing equipment and consulting services to small and large producers or industrial units, covering all their needs by installing integrated processing units and supplying them with the required mechanical equipment such as dryers, transport systems, storage silos, prewashers, washers, peelers, grinding mills, oil presses, cotton seed degradation contraptions, color sorters, feed machines, weighing machines.


Plant Propagating Material

  •  Tissue culture - Nurseries
  •  Production – Research


«At the heart of plant propagation material»

Vitro Hellas Α.Ε contributes to the development of Greek agriculture with the production and distribution of plants, especially in the wine sector and in the sectors of fruit and aromatic / medicinal plants. It also provides consulting services on good farming practices.
With its tissue culture laboratory, greenhouses and nursery facilities, the company produces healthy plant propagating material and thus contributes to the competitiveness of agricultural production, especially in the field of perennial crops.