IT Services

The REDESTOS Group, with its state-of-the-art Datacenter, the best of breed computer applications, as well as high level & experienced staff, provides IT Services to the companies of the group so that they fully cover their computing needs, operate smoothly, productively, safely and without worries.

The IT Department of RΕDESTOS gives special importance to the availability, reliability and security of the computer systems and services it provides, which is why it is certified to ISO27001: 2013 for its implementation of information security.

The provided I.T. Services cover four sections

IT Consulting

Consulting services related to strategy, technology, supply of computer systems and infrastructures, digitization and automation of business processes.

ΙΤ Services

Providing computer systems, computer applications and infrastructure for the operation of companies.

ΙΤ Security

Protection of data, computer systems, users, networks and generally computer infrastructure from malicious attacks.

ΙΤ Technical Support

On-site or remote technical support for hardware, software, users, networks and infrastructure.