Human resources


REDESTOS SA supports with its Administrative and Financial services, the companies of the Group, defining the appropriate framework of strategy, organization and guidance, so that the best possible result is achieved in collaboration with the Management of the companies.

The Human Resources Department is called upon to fulfill the role of a strategic collaborator of the Management.

It acts as a Supporting Division and collaborates with the other Divisions of the Group companies to resolve issues related to human resources and the effective implementation of its operational areas:

Staffing, Development, Performance Management, Remuneration, Safety and Hygiene as well as labor relations and safeguarding employment peace.

As part of this role, it focuses on issues that are really important to the company as a whole and as a strategic partner, it helps to identify and develop the employees needed to achieve high performance.

It contributes to the development of attraction systems and training programs.

It formulates performance management policy with remuneration programs that provide significant incentives to staff and creates a framework for growth and progress.

Our Executives are trained and train with a focus on Safety and Hygiene issues as well as on staff management issues.

With the Human as a focal point, they guide, empower, inspire and motivate our employees to take full advantage of their abilities so that through their involvement they can use not only their hands but also their minds. Our goal is for the progress to go hand in hand with the personal development of each employee within a Group, for whom the ambition is not limited only to a leading role in the market but also to its development as a model employer.