Efthymios Efthymiadis arrives in Thessaloniki from Redestos in 1922, along with his family and hundreds of thousands of other refugees from Eastern Thrace, Asia Minor and Pontus.

Eager to build a new life and armed only with his education, self-confidence and insight, he begins his professional activity by importing ornamental plants, bulbs and seeds. In collaboration with the British company Murphy he brings innovation to Greece, by introducing the first specialized plant protection products in the country.

1935 – 1965

In the first decades of its operation, the company is constantly progressing based on the relationships of trust that it builds on a yearly basis with its suppliers abroad and its customers in Greece.
Greek agriculture is evolving and the needs of farmers are increasing as there is also a great development of the agricultural industry. The company remains at the forefront of these developments, constantly proposing new - more efficient - ways of cultivation and new generation agricultural supplies.

1965 - 1970

With the engagement of the second Efthymiadis generation in the company, Nikos Efthymiadis -along with his studies in Agriculture- envisions a change of strategy for the already successful commercial activity of the company, now adding the production of its own plant protection products, propagating material and other agricultural supplies.


In 1970, this vision of a strategy shift is realized, with the construction of the first privately owned production facilities in Kordelio, Thessaloniki. Designed by an British technician, with European standards that are applied for the first time in Greece, the operation of this unit inaugurates a new period of development and extroversion, enriches the business vision and lays the foundations for the expansion of the family business into a dynamic group of companies.


In 1975 the factory is relocated to the newly established Industrial Area of Thessaloniki, the production capacity increases and the conditions are created for the subsequent export activity in the Middle East and the Balkans.
At the same time, two – completely novel for Greece - areas of activity are being launched; gardening products for the amateur gardener and drip irrigation systems for the crops.


The Efthymiadis Group responds to the needs of farmers for reliable rhizomes and seedlings in order to improve their international competitiveness, via its new cooperation with Vitro Hellas, which with its specialized tissue culture laboratory, as well as its modern greenhouses and nurseries, produces healthy and certified plant propagating material.


In order to further strengthen its position in the field of modern agricultural technology, the Efthymiadis Group establishes BIOS AGROSYTEMS, thus unfolding its dynamic. Within the first five years, "Christina" is approved, the first Greek variety of cotton created by a private company, which conquers a significant share of the Greek market.
The development continues in cooperation with international companies, which entrust to the Group their parent material for the mass reproduction of high yielding seeds.


Throughout the 1990s, the Group is constantly growing, establishing subsidiaries in the Balkans and testing its strength in new agricultural technologies.
Shortly before the new millennium, the Group takes another pioneering step in a new field, that of laboratory analysis. With unprecedented investments in laboratory equipment in Southeastern Europe, Agrolab is founded, whose laboratory analytical services certify the quality of Greek agricultural products and contribute to the protection of the environment. Agrolab's internationally recognized certificates are now a "Quality Seal" for farmers, entrepreneurs and organizations in Greece and abroad.


Evolving its services in the field of seeds, the Group establishes AMBIOS, a subsidiary of BIOS AGROSYSTEMS. The new company invests in privately owned facilities in Koutso, Xanthi, designed by experienced American technicians, and sets new standards in the field of seed processing, with seed production and seed delinting services.

2000 - 2010

In 2000, an important strategic alliance is established with the Japanese multinational Mitsui & Co.
Recognizing the need of the modern consumer for reliable and safe food, the Group invests in the dynamics of Contract Agriculture and in 2001; Hellenic Farming was founded, with the aim of being both an advisor to the farmer but also the investor aiming at agricultural products of high added-value.
In 2006 it participates in a hydroponic greenhouse of 100 acres, a model for the application of modern production systems, where the first Greek branded tomato "Lucia's Farm" is produced with the hydroponic system.

2010 - 2015

The companies of the Group, always focused both in the domestic and in the foreign markets, start their activities in the Black Sea markets.

2016 - 2017

In 2016, a strategic agreement is signed with Certis Europe - a member of the Mitsui Group - to establish a joint venture under the name KNE Certis, to further expand into new activities and joint ventures throughout Southeast Europe and to develop innovative services throughout the spectrum of agricultural production, using high technology and specialized services.
The following year, the expansion is strengthened by the cooperation with the Australian multinational Nufarm in countries of the same geographical area, a move that opened wide new development perspectives.

2019 – 2021

In 2019, a strategic alliance was established between the Group's subsidiary in the field of accredited analytical laboratory services Agrolab RDS, with the multinational group of laboratories Tentamus based in Berlin, Germany. This has given Agrolab RDS great potential for rapid growth in all Balkan countries, but also in certain Asian countries - always keeping Greece as its administrative and investment center.
As part of the growth strategy of this new group and marking the beginning of a new era of strong internationalization of its activities, it was decided to rename Agrolab RDS to VELTIA - Labs for Life. The new name fully expresses the basic strategy of the company for continuous holistic improvement, both in scope as well as in the quality and reliability of its services.

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