Legal Department


The Legal Department of the Company is permanently staffed by lawyers, who provide legal assistance and documentation to the Management and the Departments of the Company.

In the context of their duties, indicatively:
(a) they participate in meetings of its bodies, discussions and consultations with third parties, if requested
(b) they draft and / or edit minutes of the collective administrative bodies of the company, texts of contracts of any kind and reports to the external auditors.
(c) they appear before Courts or other Authorities on behalf of the company; and (d) they coordinate the company's cooperation with other external associate lawyers. In general, they provide all the services that are specific to the capacity of legal advisor and legal representative of the company.
Today the Legal Department is staffed by Mrs. Katerina Gratziou and Mr. Michalis Topalidis, who are lawyers at the Supreme Court and certified Mediators.
Within the framework of contractual obligations undertaken by the company, the executives of the Legal Department provide corresponding services to other companies, subsidiaries and non-subsidiaries.