Company profile


Efthymiadis Group started its activities in 1935 as K&N EFTHYMIADIS OE, with the purpose of trading imported agricultural supplies, tools, seeds and ornamental plants. In the past 85+ years, our presence in the field of Agriculture in Greece has always been akin to a pioneer and closely linked to every step of the development and progress of the Greek farmer.
Over the decade of 1990-2000, new businesses were gradually established and an important investment program was implemented for the development of the infrastructure and the structure of the Group, in perfect harmonization with the modern concept of integrated management of agricultural production, which at the same time allows us to face with confidence the great challenges imposed by globalization and business competition.
In October 2000, a strategic alliance was launched with the Japanese multinational Mitsui & Co., which developed into a long-term commercial partnership.
This was followed by a complete separation of the objects of each company and from January 2004, a new legal entity was established, Redestos - Efthymiadis Agrotechnology Group, which operates as a Parent Holding and Services Company (Holding Co.)


«The aim of the Group is to engage in the field of Agriculture, in order to cover all needs of the farmer and the consumer alike, by offering an integrated package of products and services.»

The overall dynamics of the Group, in combination with the great commercial access of Mitsui, opens wide new horizons and perspectives in both the Greek and the international market. With the creation of a joint company called KNE Certis, programs have been launched for the expansion into new activities and joint ventures throughout Southeast Europe, as well as for the development of innovative services throughout the agricultural production network, using high technology and specialized services.
At the same time, the strategic cooperation with Nufarm in countries of the same geographical territory introduces opportunities for further development.
In 2019, a strategic alliance was established between the Group's subsidiary in the field of accredited analytical laboratory services Agrolab RDS, with the multinational group of laboratories Tentamus based in Berlin, Germany. This has given Agrolab RDS great potential for rapid growth in all Balkan countries, but also in certain Asian countries - always keeping Greece as its administrative and investment center.
As part of the growth strategy of this new group and marking the beginning of a new era of strong internationalization of its activities, it was decided to rename Agrolab RDS to VELTIA - Labs for Life. The new name fully expresses the basic strategy of the company for continuous holistic improvement, both in scope as well as in the quality and reliability of its services.