Integrated Laboratory & Consultancy Services

  •   Food Contaminants Laboratory
  •   Nutritional Labeling Laboratory
  •   Residue Analysis Laboratory
  •   Laboratory of Olive Oil, Fats and Oils
  •   Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Genetic Modification Control
  •   Microbiological Laboratory
  •   Sensory Testing Laboratory
  •   Laboratory of Quality Control of Plant Protection Products and Fertilizers
  •   Environmental Laboratory
  •   Soil and Foliage Laboratory
  •   Legislative Control of Food Packaging
  •   Field Studies
  •   Oceanographic Laboratory (ENVIROLAB)
  •   Laboratory of Hydrobiology (ENVIROLAB)
  •   Air Pollution Laboratory (ENVIROLAB)
  •   Building Materials Laboratory (Cy)
  •   Food packaging material migration analysis (Cy)

«Among Europe’s leading Laboratories»

Agrolab RDS, which since 1/1/21 has been renamed to "VELTIA - Labs for Life", is the scientific branch of Redestos Group and the leading company of Integrated Laboratory and Consultancy Services in Southeastern Europe. It specializes in Agriculture, Food and Feedstuff Industry, Environmental Protection and Field Studies. At its state-of-the-art and extensive facilities in Thessaloniki, Athens, Volos, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Turkey, VELTIA and its subsidiaries issue internationally recognized analysis certificates, controlling the quality of agricultural production and food products to facilitate their international trade. Furthermore, a range of soil, water and waste analyses contribute to the protection of the environment. The full spectrum of its services is addressed to farmers, corporations and public agencies in Greece (Municipalities, Regions, Utility Companies, Ministry of Regional Development, central government) and the countries of SE Europe and the Mediterranean. The company’s Agricultural Services R&D Department conducts plant propagation studies, as well as plant protection products efficacy and residue studies, sensory testing, demonstration trials, seed variety and hybrids evaluation, etc. mainly on behalf of international companies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs). VELTIA, which since 2019 is a member of the Tentamus international network of laboratories after achieving the strategic alliance between Agrolab RDS and the synonymous multinational laboratory group based in Berlin, Germany, with the philosophy of continuous improvement and in the context of the development policy of this novel scheme, makes dynamic investments in its existing laboratory infrastructure in Greece and abroad. The renaming of Agrolab RDS to "VELTIA - Labs for Life" fully expresses the fundamental strategy of the company for continuous holistic improvement, mainly in the scope of the quality of its services, while facilitating its new policy for strong extroversion, either through new investments in countries of interest or through acquisitions & mergers with existing third companies in these markets.